About Us

About Dy-Zoff®

Dy-Zoff is the premier product for removal of hair color stains from the skin! Since its introduction, it has had a faithful following who have led us to develop the same high-quality product in different formulations that work the way you do!

Our lotion product allows you to use the amount you deem necessary on each client and apply it with a cloth or cotton… whichever you prefer! Our pads come stacked and pre-saturated for use, these are ideal for the colorist who likes to use a new pad for each stain! Finally, our most popular delivery is the Dy-Zoff Wipes, which come in a pop-up format, allowing you to pull a wipe without touching the container, thereby leaving color where it belongs!

Dy-Zoff is designed to be gentle on the skin and remove even the darkest color from the fairest skin, while allowing you to choose the delivery method!